Creating Github issues from Emacs Org mode

I do a lot of work on projects which are on Github and use the Github issues. Because I use Org mode a lot, I thought that it would be nice if I could create Github issues out of my Org mode todo entries. I wanted to learn Emacs Lisp since I started using Emacs, so this was a opportunity to do so.

Quick tip: Convert all your erb templates to haml with zsh

If you are using haml as the template language in a Rails project, it can be very annoying if some Rails plugin generator creates a bunch of erb files. Or you have an existing Rails project where you want to migrate from erb to haml. For converting between these languages, there is the excellent html2haml tool, which used to be bundled with the haml gem but has just been moved to its own gem called html2haml.

My dotfiles are now on Github

Managing your dotfiles and having them syncronized across multiple machines is not so easy. I had my dotfiles on Dropbox for a long time, and that worked out for my development computers. But if I wanted to use my vim configuration on a production server where I usually do not install Dropbox, I just copied the configuration files with SSH and there was no easy way for updating them.